Informative Guidelines About Compare And Contrast Essay

The essay should demonstrate their ability to cast the subject in a different light by analyzing each subject through the framework of another. Contrast and compare essays are given to students by an essay writer to check their ability to find parallels between different comparable subjects.


In many comparative essays, you will have to brainstorm thoroughly about each of the subjectsabout the history, development, structure, and the dynamics of the subject. The classic compare and contrast essays have various structural variations as well, where the subjects are compared as a whole or in parts.


The Venn Diagram

For a simplified version, the information structure and relationship between each of the subjects can be portrayed in the Venn Diagram. For advanced topics compare and contrast analysis can be tasking, but nothing that you can’t overcome by taking assistance from an essay writing service. Here, the intersection holds the common subject components at the center and the contrasting ones at the other ends.

This can be used as a tool for brainstorming about the subjects and can be used in conjunction with other brainstorming techniques.

Structure of Contrast and Compare essay

The essay can be structured in many ways. The theme structured essay will follow the following format:

  • Introduction

  • Comparison according to Theme 1 

  • Comparison according to Theme 2

  • Comparison according to Theme 3

  • Conclusion

Each of the themes must be identified during the brainstorming phase. The themes shouldn’t be too narrow to not allow for analysis, and it shouldn’t be too broad either to discourage going into specifics. 

An essay discussing the principles of the schools of thoughts of Utilitarianism and Deontology. The themes for comparison can be the concept of liberty, the morality of an action, and the concept of happiness. The Venn diagram is great to recognize common and contrasting themes that can take the form of a central theme for the write my essay task.

The essays that take the subject as a whole are structured in the following way:

  • Introduction
  • Comparing subject A through the framework of subject B
  • Conclusion


  • Introduction
  • Comparing subject B through the framework of subject A
  • Conclusion

This format allows one to see the subject in a new light rather than focusing on themes that can give us aspects to compare and contrast. The most common type of college essay is structured according to themes or they are structured using the subjects as a whole This comparison doesn’t ask for things that can be compared, instead, it follows a framework from one subject and applies it to the next. 

More space should be lent to the text which is put under scrutiny, rather than reserving more space to explain the framework or the theme. 

Final Word

When writing a compare and contrast essay the analysis that goes beforehand the writing is most important. You will have to analyze the subjects and find common grounds to compare the subjects. Without planning and researching the essay will come to no good.

It is crucial to find the themes that connect the subjects and construct a central thesis that connects together and explains your take on the subject after your analysis. Many critical analysis essays are written in this way by an online essay writer where one literary work is analyzed through the themes and framework of another.

Remember, that with advanced essays you will be asked to analyze different subjects through each others’ lens, rather than just asking for topic-wise comparisons. Your task will be to provide the subjects in a new light and have them agree to your thesis claim or statement. 

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