Why People Consider Cats As A Dangerous Emotional Support Animal? - 2021 Guide

Cats do not top the list when we talk about dangerous animals. Though not as friendly as dogs, cats make excellent house pets and emotional support animals for everyone. They are easy to house, need medium to minimal exercise, and are not as nosy and demanding as dogs. However, no matter what animal it is, you will still need a valid to live and travel with it freely. An ESA letter is an official letter that helps people with  dog nail clippers  and disabilities live with their support animal.


Many people choose cats as their ESA. Cats are usually calm and composed and are happy on their own. But, do you know that there are some cat breeds that could be rather demanding and dangerous to bring home? These cats are somewhat like dogs and will need an ESA letter for housing for free accommodation and travel.

Comparatively, these cats are a safer version of a Bobcat. They are playful, adventurous and due to a mutation, they have an extra toe on their feet. These cats are quite social but they may not be good around strangers.

This cat is a result of crossbreeding between a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard cat. These cats have a recognizable wild streak and this is why these cats are banned in some US states. In case you want this feisty feline as your ESA, you will need to be diligent and must not buy the letter before checking an online emotional support dog letter. Since they are banned in some states, you may need to complete some additional procedures.

Recognized and known as the largest cat breed, it is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a Serval cat. These are a lot like dogs and given its wild nature, they are illegal in many countries.

These cats are rather hard to get and many people, impressed by its rarity and beauty, want to get it as pets and ESAs. These cats are a cross between wild Caracal and Abyssinian cats. Since these cats are 50% wild, getting one as an ESA is a true challenge. This is why when working with an ESA letter provider, it is important that you ask them to give an emotional support animal letter sample and see the details that they add to it.

Like Bengals and Caracats, this is also a hybrid of an Abyssinian cat. They are best kept away from kids and under supervision most of the time. They are fluffy and resemble Bobcats and similarly, they could be equally aggressive. When getting one as an ESA, make sure that you do not fall into the trap of getting an emotional support animal letter. Besides an ESA letter, you do not need any other documentation.

Probably the most dangerous cat on the list. An Ocelot is high maintenance and being a wild cat, it is extremely strong and has jaws as strong and deadly as that of a Pitbull. When at home, they must be kept in a cage and away from kids and guests.

These cats look like mini panthers and are currently on the endangered list. These are small cats but are very energetic, strong, and aggressive. They do not bond well with more than one or two humans and they must not be left unsupervised.

These cats are wild cats that may not make good pets and  ESA letter . They are the best hunters in the cat world and they like to hunt at night. This is why having them is no less than a challenge.

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